New Orleans CarpetNow that you’ve installed new carpet in your New Orleans home, it’s time to learn how to clean and maintain it. Carpeting can last for many years if it is properly maintained. The experts at Floor Coverings International Metairie share four tips for doing this below!

Vacuum Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your carpet looking great on a day-to-day basis is regular vacuuming. This not only keeps the carpet looking clean, but it also prevents dirt from building up in the fibers of the carpet. We recommend that you vacuum at least once per week.

Get a Professional Clean

Having your carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year is a good way to keep it looking like new. You can either hire cleaners or rent one and do it yourself. Working a professional shampoo into your annual spring-cleaning regimen is a good way to keep on track.

Clean Up Spills Right Away

It’s important to clean up a spill as soon as it happens. The longer it sits, the more it will set. After a stain has set, there’s only so much that heavy-duty cleaning can achieve until it just becomes a permanent spot on your carpet.

Blot Stains

Our first instinct is usually to scrub a stain, but it’s best to blot any spilled liquid first. Start at the edges and work your way to the center of the spill. If there is still a stain on the carpet after this, grab a carpet cleaner and follow the instructions on the bottle.

By following these four tips, you’ll keep your beautiful carpet looking just like new! If you have questions, or if you are looking to install carpet flooring in your home, give the experts at Floor Coverings International Metairie a call today to schedule a free in-home consultation!

Photo Credit: Syda Productions